Meet My Radiant You from Latvia!


OGAE Latvia chose the band My Radiant You (previously known as MyRadiantU) and their song “All I know” to represent their club at OGAE Second Chance Contest 2017!

The members of My Radiant You include Janis Driksna, Ilze Zabaka, Didzis Bordo, Kaspars Pļavnieks and Kaspars Ansons. The band was formed in 2011 in Amsterdam, when the Latvian singer Janis Driksna decided to release some songs together with an experienced Dutch producer and sound engineer Rene de Vries. Their debut single “Mysterious Lover” was played in several Latvian radio stations. Some of their other known singles include the 2013 song “You Took My Place”.

In 2016 the group entered the Latvian Eurovision selection “Supernova” for the first time. Their song that year was called “We Will Be Stars”. They permormed in the second heat and advanced to the next round after receiving second place in the televote. In the semifinal, they finished in fourth place and qualifed to the final thanks to the jury support. On the day of the final they ended up in third place, while Justs went to represent Latvia in Stockholm. Later they were chosen by OGAE Latvia to represent their club in OGAE Second Chance Contest 2016, where they finished in 17th place.

Little did anyone know that this situation was to repeat itself a year later. In 2017, they entered Supernova once again, this time with the song “All I know” written by the lead singer Janis Driksna himself. On February 12th, they performed their song in the second heat and maganed to finish in fourth place. Luckily for them, they were saved by the jury members who chose them to advance to the semifinal, which was held a week later. This time they finished in 3rd place and once again were a jury choice for the final.

The Grand Final of Supernova 2017 was held on February 26th. My Radiant You performed 3rd on the night and received 16,52% of the televote and ended up in 3rd place.

Following last year’s participation, OGAE Latvia chose My Radiant You to represent their club in OGAE Second Chance Contest once again. Will they end up with a better result this time? Check out their song below.

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