Meet Lithuanian participant – Greta Zazza!


OGAE Lithuania has chosen their reprsentative for OGAE Second Chance Contest 2017! Their choice was Greta Zazza and her song “Like I love you”.

Greta Zazza is relatively new to to the popular music scene in Lithuania. 2017 marked the first time she entered national selection for Eurovision.

Greta performed her song for the first time in the third heat of “Eurovizijos” dainų konkurso nacionalinė atranka on January 21st, 2017. She managed to advance to the next round with the highest score from the jury members and second best score from the televote.

After that, she performed her song several other times, until she reached the Grand Final on March 11th. She sang her song as third out of seven performances and came in 5th place in Lithuanian and international jury vote with 38 points. She received 3225 televotes which was the 5th highest score of the night. After the jury votes and televotes were summed up Greta Zazza ended up in 6th place.

Even though, Zazza did not win the Lithuanian national selection for Eurovision 2017, her performance was favoured by OGAE Lithuania, who chose her to represent them at OGAE Second Chance Contest 2017. What do you think of that choice?

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