Ida Una for Denmark!


One is a song about peace and the world without violence. Will it bring a victory for Denmark?

OGAE Denmark has made the decision and we can finally reveal that Ida Una, who took the 2nd place in this year’s Dansk Melodi Grand Prix, will wave the Danish flag in OGAE Second Chance Contest.

19-year-old Ida comes from South Jutland and grew up in a very musical family, therefore it has always been common for her to sing and play music. Subsequently, she continued to sing and play with her boyfriend, Michael. Together they made several cover songs, which they put on their YouTube Channel, where Ida was discovered. Ida claims to have a very wide musical taste and her musical inspirations include both Johnny Cash and Justin Bieber.

It was a songwriter Peter Bjørnskov, who originally contacted Ida after seeing some of her videos on Youtube and Instagram. The song One was written by Peter Bjørnkov in collaboration with Lene Dissing.

These two talented song writers are also behind Anne Noa’s Sleepless, which came second in 2011 DMGP, and Unbreakable sung by Mohamed Ali, who also finished in second place in 2013. And this year they took yet another second place with One and Ida Una.

Will this second place now turn into the first one? 

photo: Michael Thygesen (GEE)

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