21-year-old Holly Brewer has been singing all her life, ever since her uncle, a professional pianist, gave her his old piano when she was just six. Since then, she has travelled the world performing. She is part of the girl group Girls International, and in December, she supported Jess Glynne, an experience she describes as unbelievable.

Divas are Holly’s main musical influence – she grew up listening to Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey, and loves Beyoncé, Rihanna, Alicia Keys, Bruno Mars and Adele. I listen to their voices and feel inspired – for me, I love someone with a big vocal. Like Jessie J! She’s unbelievable. The things she does vocally, I’m like: Wow!

The first time Holly heard her Eurovision: You Decide song, I Wish I Loved You More, she instantly knew she wanted to sing it. It’s so powerful. There are so many songs about your heart being broken but not about you breaking someone else’s heart. I love the title too, it tells you everything about the song, and the emotions behind it. The song is written by Kevin Fisher, Courtney Harrell, Laurell Barker, Mattias Frändå, Johan Åsgärde and Oliver Lundström.

Source: BBC, Photo: hollybrewer.co.uk