Get to know the German participant – Axel Feige!


A singer, pianist, guitarist, bassoon player and the only male singer in Unser Song 2017 – that’s in short what you can say about the German entrant for OGAE Second Chance Contest 2017Axel Feige.

Axel was born April 20th, 1988 and was interested in music from a very young age. He started piano lessons at the age of six and soon other instruments followed. These included a guitar, bass and bassoon – which he used to play in a school orchestra. In addition to these he also practiced singing. When he was 15, together with the group of friends, he started his first band specializing in Progressive Rock. Currently he performes in bands Absolem Max and Diazpora.

Axel was one of five artists selected for the German selection for Eurovision 2017 and was the only man in the competition. In the first round each of the contestatants performed a cover song of their choice. Axel sang a song titled “You know my name” by Chris Cornell that was the theme song for a 2005 James Bond movie called “Casino Royale”. His performance allowed him to secure enough votes to advance to the second round, together with Levina and Helene Nissen.

In the second round he performed his version of the first potential Eurovision song “Wildfire” written by Tofer Brown, Marit Larsen and Greg Holden – a team of writers from the United States, Norway and the United Kingdom. Him and Levina made it to the next round, leaving Helene out of the competition.

The third round saw Axel performing the future German Eurovision 2017 “Perfect Life”. Unfortunately, that was his last performance, as Levina qualified to the final round with her versions of two competing songs.

Even though he did not qualify for the Eurovision 2017, Axel’s performace had made an impression on the members of OGAE Germany, who chose him to represent their club at OGAE Second Chance Contest 2017 with the song “Wildfire”! Check it out!

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