Sunday, September 24, 2017

France awards their Douze Points!

Et finalement douze points pour... Who do you think got twelve points from OGAE France? Let us know!

Sweden awarded their favourites!

Hej, Sverige! As the deadline is getting closer we receive more and more votes. OGAE Sweden has voted as well. Who do you think...

Italian fans have decided!

Ciao, Italia! We have received the votes from OGAE Italy! Any ideas on how they voted?

Ukraine has voted!

Eurovision 2017 in Kyiv may be over, but OGAE Ukraine is not stopping. We've just received their votes. Can you guess them?

Votes from Albania are in!

OGAE Albania has voted as well! We can't tell you who won yet, but we would like to know your opinion. Who got Albania's top...

We’ve got votes from Greece!

The next set of points comes from OGAE Greece. Can you guess who got their twelve?

Malta has voted!

OGAE Malta has send their votes as well. Who do you think will get their top score?

Hungary has voted!

The next set of points comes from OGAE Hungary! Who do you think was their favourite?

We’ve got votes from Down Under!

G'day mates! OGAE Australia has voted and we've got the result. Can you guess it?

Ireland is the first guest jury to vote!

The votes from guest juries are also coming in. The first to vote is Ireland! Who can guess their Top3?

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